Challengership for international candidates

Our proposition is called a Challengership. That’s because the tech industry is actually one big challenge. You are challenged every day and you’re never finished learning. That’s why we don’t believe in the terms ‘junior’ or ’trainee’: That doesn’t cover it at all. In our Challengership you are a Challenger. You want to be challenged every day and you accept the challenge of working with us on your IT career.


Our Challengership

We work with a number of values, which we use to kickstart your tech career!

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1. Bootcamp with certification

In our two-month bootcamp you will learn all the basics needed to start at your client. You learn a lot in a short time and put it into practice right away. After two months you will know exactly what you are good at how you can add value to the client. After your bootcamp we determine a valuable development path with certification for you, in consent with your client.

2. Learn as you work

You learn the best by actually doing something: we are convinced of that. That is why you get started with small practical assignments right from the start. In the first month of your training you have two days of classes and you work on assignments for three days, in order to immediately put theory into practice. In the second month you have one day of classes a week and you work four days for your client. In this way you gradually roll into the profession and learn to apply theory directly in your daily work.

3. Work in teams

We see it happen too often: a junior developer who enters an IT department and after two months works exactly the same as the rest. Say bye bye to ‘renewal’ and ‘innovation’ while many organizations are looking for young talent to innovate. We do it differently. We believe in the impact of teams. That is why we train you in a tech team with complementary team members. You complement each other and strengthen each other’s talents. You’ll also get to work at your client with your entire team with whom you followed the bootcamp. 

4. Grow into an IT role that suits you

Of course, you can put blood, sweat and tears into learning how to do presentations better if you find that difficult. But you can also gather a team around you that absorbs your weaknesses, so that you can focus on what you are really good at. That way you can get ten times further with the same effort. That is why we think it is very important that you end up in a complementary team. That means not only that your weaknesses are taken care of, but also that you can excel with your unique talents.

Are you a Challenger?

You are recently (or almost) graduated or you’ve just finished your studies without a diploma and you’re standing at the beginning of your working career. You already have some knowledge of, and some hobby-like experience with programming. For example, through a minor in your study program or online self-study. Think of Java, JavaScript, Python, R, C#, C++, php etc. Actually, your hobby and your personal interest have made you super enthusiastic about a career in the tech industry!

You like to be challenged. Learn new things. Really contribute to something. Then our Challengership is really something to consider. We ensure that you are properly trained and guided to make a kick-start in tech.

Our Challengers:

  • have recently (no later than 3 years ago) graduated from a Bachelors or University education or have either left without a diploma and have a Bachelors/University thinking level;
  • have some basic programming experience or are eager to learn it;
  • are at the start of their working career;
  • are available full-time;
  • are allowed to work in the Netherlands for at least three years;
  • speak, read and write English at a good level;
  • are super excited to start their tech career!

Do you recognize yourself in this profile? Do you want tot start immediately? Then sign up right now for your Challengership!

Do you have the right motivation? Do you want to explore the IT profession but you don’t have any programming experience yet? Then we advise you to start with the Young_Coders Challengership track: An e-learning path on our online platform Ontdek Tech in which you learn programming from the start. After you’ve completed this learning path you will have an excellent basic knowledge of programming, perhaps the start of your career in IT! By taking and passing the offered exam at the end of the Challengership track, you are eligable to start with your Challengership sign-up process, and you can skip the cognitive and programming test.

If you’d like more information about the Challengership track, please send an email to

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