5 tips for a good work-life balance!


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Companies that want more innovation, profit and creativity will need to invest in better work-life balance for their employees. And for yourself being an employee, developing a good work-life balance has many benefits such as: less stress, higher performance, more creativity, and better work happiness.
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Designing A New Way Of Work

In recent years, a growing trend has emerged among employees to design a new way of work. However, the concept of work-life balance is not new and was popularized in the 1970s and 80s. Employees are creating new paths to have a better work-life balance For example, by working hybrid, asking for a better pay, more ownership in their work and a workplace that’s safe and inclusive.

If you ask most employees what they value most it’s not having more money on the bank, but a job that has impact and ways to learn and develop their skills and knowledge as this study shows.

Happy employees perform better

Why is having a good work-life balance so important for companies and employees?

As this study shows, creating a good work-life balance leads to happier employees that on average perform 13% better than employees that are more disconnected with their work. Happier employees not only create higher performance, more engagement and commitment, but this in turn also leads to less turnover.

Your path to a healthy work-life balance

How can you create a good work-life balance? Living in a society with constant and instant information to everything and everyone it’s easy to stay “on” all the time. So, how can one turn themself off and not stay behind?

Here are 5 take-away tips

01: The most important factor is knowing what your “Why” is and trying to work from this perspective, like Simon Sinek has made us aware of. Knowing your goals makes it easier to map a roadmap towards them on a professional level.

02: Make sure things are in balance by following your Ikigai. Ikigai is a Japanese concept. It contains what motivates you in life and what makes you happy. The concept is formulalized in finding a balance in four components of life; what you love, what the world needs, what pays the bills and where you’re good at. Ikigai, which is also the title of the book by Francesc Miralles en Héctor García, is a way to find a long and happy life.

03: Besides your professional goals, set a personal goal to develop and (re)invest in your family, friends and loved ones.

04: Time management. Take a time management workshop or training to learn how to deal with various challenges at the same time and know what and how to prioritize.

05: Think of a workplace as a place where a win-win situation is possible. At work, you’re always part of a team. Set yourself up as a great team player, because there is success for everyone!

At Young_Coders we work with a code of conduct where work-life balance is key for the success of the company. In our onboarding process, new colleagues learn to develop their own success path. Stay informed of Young_Coders bij following our page on LinkedIn!



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