We can imagine that you have some questions. We have answered the most frequently asked questions below. Is your question not listed here? Then ask it via our chat box. Then our chatbot will try to answer your question, or you’ll get to speak to a Young_Coders employee.


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Do you accept non-Dutch speaking candidates? / Do you also accept candidates who do not speak Dutch?

Occasionally we have possibilities for non-Dutch speaking candidates. Please contact us directly, and we’ll gladly inform you about it. Simply send us a WhatsApp message at +31 6 11934655 and we’ll get in touch.


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When am I eligible for a Challengership?

View our application criteria here.
Don’t meet the application criteria but want to get started in IT? Then follow our E-learning training courses on Collow!

When do your Challengerships start?

We launch Challengerships at the request of our selected clients. Thus, there are no fixed entry points per year, but flexible entry points depending on current clients. Start dates for open Challengerships can be found here.

How does your selection process work? (Challenger Tryout)

The Challenger try-out is our selection process, in which we test whether you fit the Challengership through a number of games, a fun programming test and a good conversation. You can read all about it on this page.

How many hours do I need to be available?

The Challengership is a full-time track (36 to 40 hours) and cannot be taken part-time.

Is the Challengership online?

No. We certainly use online components in our training, but our classes always remain classroom-based. You will also work at least part of the time on location at your assignment.

I already have a lot of experience with programming, but would like to specialize further. Is a Challengership for me?

It certainly could. It depends on your entry level. If you already have a lot of experience with programming as a hobby, a Challengership is definitely for you. We then challenge you extra to develop further. If you have years of professional experience, then a Challengership is probably not for you.

Can I choose which programming language to work in?

No. We ask you to have an open mind regarding the programming language and technology stack you will be working in. Our teaching materials are customized for our clients. So you will be working with the programming language that is standard at our client. We do, of course, look to see if this technology fits your interests.

What kind of training do you give exactly? (Bootcamp)

We train our Challengers to a variety of tech positions, depending on the Challengers’ skills and the needs of our clients. These include front-end, full-stack and back-end developers, consultants, data scientists, low coders and test engineers. The exact content of the training depends on your own skills and talents and on the client you will be working for. This is always customized.

Can I choose which client to work for?

We will make this choice with you based on the outcome of the Challenger tryout and factors such as travel time. We always take your wishes into account as much as possible. Based on your personality profile, we try to find the best match with a client. When you go for an interview, there is already a good match on paper. You will be guided and prepared for the interview by us in advance and there will always be someone from Young_Coders present at the interview.

What does the Challengership look like after the training (boot camp)?

After your boot camp, you will get to work on your assignment. You will gain work experience here. You will also be active for Young_Coders, for example by mentoring other Challengers, providing guest lectures or continuing to develop yourself with internal projects at Young_Coders.
You will have regular meetings with your Young_Coders success coach. The coach looks at your hard skills as well as your well-being. Are you comfortable in your place? Do you enjoy your work enough? This is how we maintain a healthy work environment where both you and your client feel good. You can think of your success coach as your project manager.

How long does a Challengership last?

A Challengership lasts 2 years. Afterwards, of course in consultation with your client, you can enter permanent employment with your client.

Will I receive a diploma or certificate?

After your bootcamp, we will give you the opportunity to obtain a certification. This could be, for example, a Microsoft or Java (SE) certification. There are numerous accredited certifications that have great value on your resume. In consultation with you and your client, we will determine which certificate best suits you.

Financial & Agreements

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How much will I be paid during the Challengership?

Each Challenger starts on a good starting salary, including full travel reimbursement and a salary increase at the beginning of the second year. We will be happy to explain this to you further in the application process.

By when do I get paid?

You will be paid as soon as your placement is complete and you start your training. This means the following:

  1. If you have successfully completed our Challenger tryout we will offer you a Challengership.
  2. You will then go for an interview with a potential client, where you can usually start within a month.
  3. Have you been selected? Then, in consultation with the client, we will schedule the start of your training.
  4. The start of your training is when you start earning salary.
What kind of agreement will I enter into with you and when?

You enter into two agreements with Young_Coders. An employment contract and a study clause.

Employment contract: You will immediately receive a permanent contract from us, which will start when you start working for your client.

Study agreement: In this, we agree that our client and Young_Coders will pay for your entire training, and that you will continue to work for Young_Coders and your client throughout the Challengership.


What happens if I want to terminate the Challengership early?

Before starting the course, we sign a study agreement. This clause will be amortized in parts during the Challengership. Therefore, at the end of your commitment period, you will no longer have any student debt. Do you decide to leave early yourself or do something purposely that makes you unsuitable for further employment? Then we charge you pro rata for the study agreement.

Location & Travel

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Where is the class location and how often should I go there?

Our training location is in Amersfoort, at Databankweg 12. Easy to reach by car and public transport (a fifteen minute walk from Amersfoort Schothorst train station). You can park for free at the property.

You may have seen that we also have a location in Amsterdam. However, this space is not suitable as a training location and we only use it for appointments with clients. So we don’t teach in Amsterdam.

You don’t have to come to Amersfoort every day. Our training is built on a combination of working and learning. You will probably be on location in Amersfoort 1 to 2 days a week during the training.

Do I need a driver's license to qualify for the Challengership?

Almost never! A driver’s license is of course convenient, but not usually necessary. You can often go a long way by using the public transport system!

Are there any clients in my area?

The majority of our clients are located in the Randstad. We try to take into account an acceptable travel time as much as possible when placing. A maximum of one hour travel time between you and your client is considered normal. However, we may have a nice matching client for you that is not within the acceptable travel time of your hometown. We therefore ask you to be flexible with regard to moving if this is appropriate. Of course, this is not mandatory!


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Can I also take individual training courses outside of the Challengership?

Definitely! For that, check out Collow: our free e-learning platform full of tech courses.

Can I still take the Challengership Track?

Unfortunately, the Challengership Track on Ontdek_Tech no longer exists. But not to worry! This doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for a Challengership anymore. All our training courses can now be found on Collow, our new e-learning platform. Sign up and follow the training. For example, the ‘Data science with Python’ training is an excellent preparation for the Challengership.

Where is Ontdek_Tech?

Ontdek_Tech was a beta version of our new e-learning platform Collow. All training courses that you could follow on Ontdek_Tech can also be found here. Did you already have an account on Ontdek_Tech? Then all your learning progress has been transferred to Collow. Here you log in with your e-mail address, NOT with your username. You must create your password again by clicking on “Forgot password”.

What is Collow?

Collow is our new e-learning platform. At the moment it works the same as our old platform Ontdek_Tech. Which is, following free tech training courses. But we have much more in store for Collow! Later in the year it is also possible to be scouted by Young_Coders, among other companies. Want to know more about this? Then check the Collow website.