Full Stack Tech Lead

We are looking for: A full-stack Tech lead with growth ambitions for our Collow learning platform

Level: Medior Tech lead

When: Q1 2024 (start date negotiable)

Become a Tech lead at Collow and build a sustainable platform with which we will upskill the Netherlands in IT!

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As a Tech lead at Collow, you will have the unique opportunity not only to develop your leadership skills, but also to participate hands-on in the development of our multi-purpose learning platform. We believe in a dynamic approach, where you not only lead the technical team, but also roll up your own sleeves to develop and innovate.

Our learning platform is all about growth, both for our users and our team members. As a Tech lead, you will play a critical role in shaping our technology vision and driving our team to new heights. In addition to working with your team to create an innovative platform, you will also help define the future of learning.

Young_Coders and Collow

Young_Coders is a custom IT traineeship with the mission to “Make all IT talents reach their potential”. But to achieve that mission, we need to think bigger. In order to be able to train IT professionals and help them find IT jobs on a large scale, we founded Collow.
Collow is the first e-learning and job matching platform in one.

You can read more about the Collow vision at the bottom of this job posting.


Your work

Within the Collow project, you are the most important link. Here it is important that you have leadership skills and would like to combine this with working hard yourself to innovate and further develop the learning platform.


What are the benefits to you

  • A market-standard salary with room for growth;
  • A good retirement plan, 25 vacation days and a personal study budget so you can continue to develop.
  • A Collow stock option plan for employees.
  • As of November 2023, a brand new office location on top of Amersfoort Central Station;
  • A flexible work environment without buttoned-up practices and protocols;
  • Informal work atmosphere with attention to personal development;
  • The benefits of a stable company (Young_Coders) and Collow’s innovative start-up mindset.


What do you bring?

  • 3-5 years of work experience as either a senior developer or starting Tech lead;
  • Experience with back-end and front-end programming languages such as Python, PostgreSQL databases, Javascript and Json;
  • Experience working in Scrum teams;
  • Proficient in establishing and building good software structures;
  • Knowledge of AWS is a plus.


What makes Collow special?

You’ll end up in a very informal and small team at Collow. This is not only very entertaining, but also ensures that you make a real impact from day one! We are an enthusiastic club of people where new ideas are encouraged and creativity is given full rein. We work hard together, but also enjoy the occasional pizza together, drinks together, and a game of foosball or gaming. If you are curious and you are interested in a Tech lead position, please contact us and tell us about yourself.


Email hello@collow.nl and include your resume.

See you soon!

Collow vision

Did you make it to the bottom of the job posting? Then you’re probably curious enough to read a little more about Collow’s background as well ;-).
Here we go.

3 million people in the Netherlands have an insecure employment position (TNO). At the same time, there is a huge shortage of technically skilled personnel and the world is rapidly digitizing. We innovatively help discover, train and connect new IT professionals to companies.

Collow works as follows.


In our virtual world Collowland, you will learn about the IT profession.

And that’s a lot broader than you might think! In an interactive journey full of mini-games, you’ll discover the differences between front-end and back-end programming, what a cyber security specialist does, what data science entails, and what the challenges are for an IT management professional.


Enthusiastic about front-end programming? Then follow the “front-end track” at Collow with numerous front-end training courses at different levels.


You are doing well and have already completed a few workouts. Your training progress is now shared completely anonymously with organizations on Collow. Next, you see that an organization has started following you and encouraging you to continue developing!


After three months of e-learning, you suddenly get a notification: ‘Organization X wants to match you!’ Based purely on your skills and training progress, there is an organization that wants to offer you a junior IT position, how cool is that!



We would love to tell you much more about Collow, but we are also curious about who you are and what your motivations and ambitions are! Apply at hello@collow.nl, we’d love to get to know you.