Do you want to work for the best IT talent accelerator in the Netherlands? Young Coders is looking for passionate, smart, (recently) graduated college graduates and Academics. After an intensive boot camp of 2 months, you start working at one of our clients. These can be both large corporates and interesting startups.

Why you want to become a Young Coder

Why would you go to work with Young Coders? We ask you: Why not? Young Coders is working with you to create an incredibly beautiful career within the ICT. ICT is and remains the future. Why? There is no more business to think of where ICT no longer plays an important role. The world simply becomes more and more digital and dependent on these digital resources. If you know how to build, test or maintain these resources, you are of great value to your employer. But then you have to have the right education and experience. As Young Coder you get all that: Good training, you gain experience with our customers and after an agreed period you are assured of a permanent contract with our client. It is also possible to join our client immediately. That depends on the wishes of our client.

How to become a Young Coder

To become a Young Coder, you have to work for it. It is a prestigious title with value. You have to have something special and you have to do something for it. First, we are looking for the “real deal”. Are you crazy about an intelligent challenge? Do you like problem solving? Do you solve the sudoku’s of your grandmother within ten seconds? Do you know who the Mol is after 1 episode (look it up: Dutch TV)? Then sign up and tell something about yourself. When we see a potential Young Coder in you, we are happy to invite you for our tests. You start with an online competency test where you usually get the results the same day. If you score well, we will make an appointment for a personality test and an accompanying interview in which we will get to know you better and recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Will our team be happy with you? Then we offer you a traineeship and start your adventure as a Young Coder!

Yes! I am a Young Coder .. And what now?

You’ve signed your contract? Then you will receive¬† the start date of the next bootcamp. Based on the needs that our clients have, you will start a bootcamp that matches your future employer’s technology stack. Our bootcamp process takes an average of two months. During those two months you will receive a salary and you learn not only the technical skills, but also how you work best in a team based on Agile / Scrum. After two months we ensure that you can start as soon as possible with one of our clients. You can immediately put your gained knowledge into practice. And of course you are guided by our coaches and trainers. You really are not thrown into the deep.

What else?

Oh yeah! Almost forgot! We had not yet told you that as a Young Coder you can get a nice bonus if you enter into employment with your client after a minimum term of 12 months!

Do you want to become a Young Coder?

Take a look at our plan, and learn if you are eligible for our traineeship!