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Hey, welcome to Young_Coders: the kickstart for IT careers. Do you dream of a job as a developer? Do you want to make a difference by working for cool organizations? Then we are looking for you! It does not matter that you’re not an experienced developer. Those skills we’ll teach you. In our Challengership. A work-learning program that ranks among the top 10 tech programs in the Netherlands, according to Computable.

Wondering how we can help you further? Please answer a few short questions below so we can provide you with the best information for you.

Young_Coders Challengers

The Challengership

Our Challengership is the kick-start for young professionals who want to get started in IT.

We will work with you to find out where your tech ambitions lie and offer you a top-notch education that will give you all the technical know-how and soft skills you need to make a real impact. Your client is an organization that is desparetly looking for people like you: young professionals from all fields of study who would love to work in IT, are eager to learn and want to solve any IT puzzle.

Specifically, what do we offer:

  • Free tech training with valuable certificates in the direction you want to develop in.
  • Good salary throughout the Challengership, including during your training!
  • Guaranteed work experience with an educational organization that really suits you.
  • We always go for the best match, so there is a good chance that our client will offer you a job after the Challengership.

Become a challenger

Okay, so you’re interested in a great tech career, otherwise you would have already dropped out at this paragraph. So, now what? We’ll be happy to explain that to you!

There are a few ways to qualify for our Challengership.

01. You already have some programming experience and you know what you want.

So what exactly do we mean by “experience”? You can already write a simple function and have developed some small hobby projects for yourself or others in programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, php, Java or C#. If you are already familiar with programming you can be considered for our Challengership immediately! Sign Up immediately.

02. You already have some programming experience but have no idea which role within IT is right for you.

No problem either! Take our interest assessment, and in a few minutes you’ll know where possibly your passion lies within IT. After taking the test, you can register right away if you want. During the selection process, we explore together what you enjoy most about IT.

03. I really want to work in IT but I don’t have any programming experience yet.

We can also help you out with that. Through our e-learning platform Collow, you can take free tech training courses in which you will gain basic knowledge of IT systems and learn a good foundation of programming. Once you have completed the Challengership track, you can register yourself for the Challengership. Learn more about our e-learning platform here.

04. Wow! Wait a minute! That’s all a little too fast for me. I would like some more information first.

We get that. It’s pretty intense to make a switch in your career. But especially when you are still young, it is the time to tie the knot. Of course you will find a lot of information on our website, but do you feel the need to have a chat with our career coach? Then schedule an appointment in the online calendar. We will then discuss together what your options are and whether we can help you further.

Still there?

Still here? Moving forward, we’ll tell you a bit more about our Challengership. In our Challengership, we want to prepare you as best as possible for a job in IT. We do this on the basis of four principles.

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01. Short boot camp with certification

In our two-month bootcamp you will be prepared to start working for our client. You learn a lot in a short time and put it into practice right away. After two months you know exactly what you are good at and how you want to develop further at your employer. Then we’ll work with you and your client to see if we can put together a valuable development path with certification for that.

02. Learning on the job

You learn by doing: we are convinced of that. That is why you get started with small practical assignments right from the start. In the first month of your training you have two days of classes and you work on assignments for three days, in order to immediately put the theory into practice. In the second month you still have one day of classes a week and you work four days for our client. In this way you gradually roll into the profession and learn to apply theory directly in your daily work.

03. Developing in teams

We see it happen too often: a junior developer who enters an IT department and after two months does exactly the same as the rest. Say farewell to ‘renewal’ and ‘innovation’. This happens often, while many organizations are looking for young talent to innovate and renew. We do it differently. We believe in the impact of teams. That is why we train you in a tech team with complementary team members. You complement each other and strengthen each other’s talents. You will also get to work with our client with your entire team with which you follow the bootcamp. You make it together.

04. Growing into a team role that fits you

Yeah, you can put blood, sweat and tears into learning to perform better if you find that difficult. But you can also gather a team around you that takes care of your weaknesses, so that you can focus on what you are really good at. That way you can get ten times further with the same effort. That is why we think it is very important that you end up in a complementary team. That means not only that your weaknesses are taken care of, but also that you can excel with your unique talents.

Have you become super enthusiastic and would you like to work in IT? Then sign up for the Challengership!

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