Digital expert at PwC Deals

Are you curious about what it’s like in the world of multinationals and million-dollar deals? Or do you have several years of experience in Finance and want to make the switch to a corporate Deals environment? Do you want to learn from and work with the very best professionals in accountancy and consultancy?

Become a digital expert at PwC Deals and play a crucial role in the digitalization of PwC. PwC Deals is one of the most prestigious teams within PwC. These are the people who assist large organizations with corporate acquisitions, divestitures and capital transactions. Month-long projects that involve intensive collaboration with the client and within all PwC disciplines. And they are looking for you!

In short:
Who: inquisitive professionals who like to be challenged.
What: To work as an associate or senior associate at PwC Deals.
To take your career to the next level.

Wondering if you qualify for this Challengership? Then review our application criteria.

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Is Excel crashing again due to huge data sets? You roll up your sleeves and get to work on it. Whether you have experience with Python, R, Power BI or Alteryx, you know how to process data sets and make processes more efficient using technology. You understand that accounting today goes beyond Excel sheets and stacks of paper. With your (basic) knowledge of accounting and affinity with technology, you are the digital expert within the PwC Deals team. 

But who are we and what do we offer? We are Young_Coders. Partner with PwC to recruit, train and mentor tech talent. Among other things, we train software developers, data scientists and tech consultants for PwC. And also finance experts with digital skills!

We are your entry point to PwC. Through Young_Coders, you can work at PwC without having to be able to do everything already. After all, you’re going to learn a lot! PwC works with us under the motto “Hire attitude, teach skills.”

Here’s what you can expect

✅ A unique entry point at PwC as an associate or even a senior associate.
✅ 9 to 12 months working on a PwC Deals project.
✅ Opportunity for a permanent position with PwC.
✅ Matching salary and great working conditions.
✅ Comprehensive soft skills training.
✅ Learn a lot from your PwC colleagues.

Working at PwC Deals is challenging, motivating and above all, very educational. You will be working for months in a large project where you will be given a lot of responsibility. But of course you don’t have to be able to do everything right away. You’ll learn the ropes from experienced PwC managers, partners and team members who will guide you.

Within the Deals team you will work with your colleagues on accounting & reporting, where you will be the digital expert of the team. You work a lot with your colleagues, but also with the customer. A trip abroad is also common when the project requires it.

What will you learn?

  • Apply accounting & reporting in a Deals environment;
  • Data analysis on a large scale;
  • How a Deals project works: creating reports for the stock exchange, investors, etc.;
  • Dealing with large customers.

And all this you learn on the job! In addition, Young_Coders will provide you with comprehensive soft skills training, including:

  • Soft skills two-day program with overnight stay;
  • Individual progress and goals meetings;
  • Soft skills exercises and training for 5 months with one class each month.

Application criteria

Sounds good doesn’t it? But when will you be eligible for this track at PwC?


  • Have at least basic accounting/ reporting knowledge and experience;
  • Have a Bachelors or University degree in accountancy, finance, business economics or related studies;
  • Have basic digital skills. For example, experience with Python, R, Alteryx or Power BI;
  • Are eager to learn and enjoy being challenged;
  • Speak and write good English;
  • Live in the Netherlands and may work here for at least three years;
  • Are flexible. Some weeks you work a little less, but sometimes you work more hours or even go abroad.

Senior Associates:
meet the above criteria and:

  • Have a minimum of 3-4 years of work experience in accounting/ finance;
  • Are able to mentor juniors and provide direction to a team;

Does this sound like something for you? Then sign up right away, and we’ll see each other soon!

About Young_Coders and PwC

Young_Coders and PwC are a good fit. Not only do we share the color orange in our logo, but we also stand for the same principles. Like us, PwC believes in developing talent. Together we only look at potential, the skills we teach you. Do you have what it takes to work at PwC? Then they will teach you the hard skills and we will give you all the soft skills you need to get off to a flying start. In a team where you feel good and in a role that suits your skills and ambitions.

Wondering if you will fit in at PwC? Sign up and play the NeurOlympics games to find out if you have a PwC brain!


Please mind, that this Challengership is in pre-registration status! This means that we do not yet know what the start date will be. We anticipate that it will be in Q4 2022. Signing up means that we will contact you, but the official selection process will start when we have a final start date.

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