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Do you want to make yourself future-proof and help organizations digitize? Then become an ERP consultant at PwC and help organizations through major digital transformations, while continuously developing yourself and becoming increasingly impactful. If you’re interested in designing and optimizing business processes, you are of immediate value. We’ll teach you the rest, in our Challengership.

Wondering if you qualify? Check out the application criteria for this Challengership right away.

IT resource consultant

There are the facts

PwC, Amsterdam

Deadline registration: start date unknown

Relevant bachelors degree required

Relevant bachelors degree required

Industry: Accounting & Consultancy

Specialism: IT consultancy

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In the Challengership you will be trained to become a certified ERP consultant. You’ll put this knowledge directly into practice at PwC in a super educational and innovative work environment.

Wondering if you qualify? Check out the application criteria for this Challengership right away.

Are you always looking for how to make things better? Do you have an eye for efficiency and would like to delve into the world of ERP architecture and databases? Then we offer you all the skills you need in our training to get started as an ERP consultant at PwC. And: including certification!

What is an ERP system

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and is the core of an organization. ERP systems regulate business information, activities and business processes and brings them together in a single tool. It provides a central database for activities such as finance, accounting, inventory management, purchasing, sales, human resources and more. The main goal is to improve efficiency, increase data accuracy and support decision making. ERP systems help companies manage resources more effectively and optimize processes.

As an ERP consultant, you specialize in consulting, implementing and supporting ERP systems to help organizations improve their operational efficiency and achieve their business goals.


Who is Young_Coders?

But who are we and what exactly do we offer? We are Young_Coders. Partner of PwC with recruiting, training and mentoring tech talent. We are your entry point to PwC. With Young_Coders, you can work at PwC without having to know everything right away. After all, you’re going to learn a lot! PwC works with us under the motto “Hire attitude, teach skills.”

Here’s what you can expect

✅ A training program paid for you to a well-known ERP system with valuable certification in, for example: Oracle, Workday, SAP;
✅ Comprehensive soft skills training;
✅ Personal guidance;
✅ 2 years of work experience at PwC;
✅ Great opportunity for a permanent position at PwC with endless growth opportunities;
✅ Immediately a permanent contract and good salary.

A Challengership at PwC is challenging, motivating and above all, very educational. You will work on large projects where you will digitize all kinds of processes. Whether it’s a procurement process, finance or a production process; you will engage with the customer and work to find a good solution. You will design processes, but will also work on the technical interpretation yourself. You work from the perspective of technology, but also have an eye for people and society. They consider this an important topic at PwC, because becoming future proof is not only about technology, but also about social value. During the Challengership, you will develop yourself into an indispensable professional for PwC, making the connection between business and technology, with an eye for people and society.

At PwC you will work in an innovative team with a startup mindset: dynamic, open-minded for new ideas and of course with room for drinks and socializing.

What will you learn?

  • Understanding and developing ERP processes;
  • Design, set up and optimize business processes;
  • Dealing with customers and working in a corporate environment.

In addition, you will receive a comprehensive soft skills training, including:

  • Soft skills two-day program with overnight stay;
  • Individual progress and goals meetings;
  • Soft skills exercises and training for 5 months with one class each month.

Application criteria

Sounds good doesn’t it? But when do you qualify for this Challengership at PwC.

  • You have a Bachelors or University degree in a business, computer science or digital direction;
  • For example, business administration, computer science, business informatics, digital analytics, etc.
  • You know what ERP systems are and would like to learn more about them;
  • Affinity with finance is convenient but not a hard requirement;
  • You are at the beginning of your tech career;
  • You speak and write English well;
  • You live in the Netherlands and may work here for at least three years;
  • You are eager to learn and want to kickstart your career at PwC!


Does this sound like something for you? Then check pre-registration and contact us!

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