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As a software developer in this Challengership, you will develop solutions that help organizations become more sustainable! You are going to learn a lot in a team with highly experienced specialists and fellow developers in the sustainability sector and get custom training in Python, JavaScript and React, among others. With your critical eye and some basic programming knowledge, you will be of immediate value. We teach you the rest in our Challengership.

Working as a digital twin developer:

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Industry knowledge

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There are the facts

PwC, Amsterdam

Deadline registration: 01-02-2023

Bachelors degree required

Bachelors degree required

Industry: ESG Consultancy

Specialism: Full-stack development

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Do you enjoy tinkering with software and like to think complex programming puzzles into simple steps or processes? That’s exactly what you will be doing in this Challengership for the sustainability sector. In fact, you will delve into “digital twins” in this Challengership. These are virtual copies of real life situations, to which you can do all sorts of calculations.

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More about digital twins

Imagine an energy supplier wanting to open a new power plant. What are the implications for power grid load, Co2 emissions and infrastructure? These are questions you prefer to answer before you have built an entire power plant. By virtually mimicking this situation, you can digitally simulate what is happening in advance and thus propose the most efficient and sustainable solution. So with a digital twin, you simulate real-life places or situations, to which you then apply all kinds of calculations. And you are going to conceive and build it!

You will do this for the organization PwC: one of the largest consulting firms advising and assisting organizations on ESG: Environmental, Social & Governance. You will work in a mixed team of developers and a digital twin expert, with whom you will recreate all kinds of situations digitally, to arrive at the most sustainable solution.

ESG: Environment, Social & Governance

Wondering what it’s like to work as a programmer at PwC? Read the experiences of Robert and David in the Challengership: one studied architecture, the other finance. Both started as developers at PwC.

But who are we and what exactly do we offer? We are Young_Coders. Partner with PwC to recruit, train and mentor tech talent. We are the kickstart to your IT career. We offer you training and work experience at PwC without having to know everything beforehand. After all, you’re going to learn a lot! We work with PwC under the motto “hire attitude, teach skills.”

Here’s what you can expect

✅ A training program paid for you to become a full-stack developer;
✅ Trainings for specialization within full-stack development;
✅ Comprehensive soft skills training;
✅ Personal guidance;
✅ Gain one year of work experience at PwC;
✅ Great opportunity for a permanent position at PwC with endless growth opportunities;
✅ Immediately a permanent contract and nice salary.

A Challengership at PwC is challenging, motivating and above all, very educational. You will be working on large software projects. Do you enjoy talking to customers about their needs, or would you rather spend all day at your own desk programming? PwC is always looking for projects where you, as an individual, can do your best work. You will learn to develop software in a highly professional environment and work with the latest technologies.

As a digital twin developer, you will learn the following:

  • Front-end programming including JavaScript and ReactJS;
  • Programming with Python;
  • Work with frameworks and tools such as FastAPI, Docker and Kubernetes;
  • Business process modeling (BPM2.0)

In addition, you will receive a comprehensive soft skills training, including:

  • Soft skills two-day program with overnight stay;
  • Individual progress and goals meetings;
  • Soft skills exercises and training for 5 months with one class each month.

Application criteria

Sounds good doesn’t it? But when will you be eligible for this Challengership at PwC?

  • You have a bachelor or masters degree;
    • Studied (technical) business administration, BIM, computer science or management? Perfect fit! Have you done any other study, also welcome! An interest in business and business processes is helpful then ;-);
  • You already have some basic experience with Python or JavaScript;
    • Additional programming knowledge is of course also welcome;
  • You are at the beginning of your working career (graduated max 3. years ago);
  • You speak and write English well;
  • You live in the Netherlands and may work here for at least three years;
  • You are eager to learn and want to kickstart your IT career!

Does this sound like something for you? Then sign up right away, and we’ll see each other soon!

About Young_Coders and PwC

Young_Coders and PwC are a good fit. Not only do we share the color orange in our logo, but we also stand for the same principles. Like us, PwC believes in developing talent. Together we only look at potential, the skills we teach you. Do you have what it takes to work at PwC? Then we’ll teach you all the hard and soft skills you need to get off to a flying start. In a team where you feel good and in a role that suits your skills and ambitions.

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Application closed

This Challengership is closed and a suitable candidate has been matched. Thanks for your interest!

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