Become a tech professional at pwc

Hey, welcome to Young_Coders: the kickstart of IT careers. We believe you can make an impact on large organisations like PwC. They are eager for people like you: young talent with knowledge in economics or a scientific field who would like to work in tech. Not an experienced programmer yet? That’s okay, we will teach you those skills during our Challengership.

During our Challengership, we will train you to work for one of our clients. In this case that’s PwC: the crème de la crème in the world of accountancy and consultancy. A fantastic employer with challenging work and plenty of room to grow and develop. For PwC, we train teams of developers in various roles.

And they need you! Someone with a degree or background in an economics or science related field who wants to switch to a career in IT. With the right knowledge, work ethic and eagerness, you are of immediate value. 

Your basic knowledge in Python, Javascript or React is a great start, but with our tech training you will be fully prepared as a team to blow your employer away with kick-ass projects. Our training consists of a number of principles.

Our Challengership

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01. Short bootcamp with certification

You will be prepared to work for PwC with our two month bootcamp. You will learn a lot and put it into practice right away in a short amount of time. After those months, you will know your preferences, what your strengths are and in what areas you want to keep growing within your team. Next, we will take a look together to see whether you can obtain a valuable certificate in those areas.

02. Learning by doing

We are convinced you learn by doing. That is why you start with small practical assignments right from the beginning. The first month of the bootcamp consists of two days of classes and three days of working on assignments in order to immediately put theory into practice. The second month consists of one day of classes. The other four days are meant to work for your employer. This way, you gradually roll into the profession and directly learn to apply your theoretical knowledge in your daily work.

03. Developing in teams

We see it happen all the time: a junior employee starts in an IT department and after two months blends in with the rest and works on the exact same thing as everyone else. Goodbye ‘renewal’ and ‘innovation’. Even though many organisations are looking for young talent to renew and innovate. We work differently. We believe in the impact of teams. That’s why we train you in a tech team with team members that fit you. You complement each other and strengthen each other’s talents.

04. Grow in a team role that suits you

You could put blood, sweat and tears into improving your presentation skills, if that’s difficult for you, or you could gather a team around you that balances out your weaknesses so you can focus on what you do really well. With the same effort, you can improve tenfold in that which you do well. That’s why we believe it’s very important you end up in a team that complements you. This way, not only your weaknesses will be balanced out, but you will also be able to excel with your unique talents. 

Why a Challengership?

  • Guaranteed work experience at PwC
  • Very high chance of a permanent job at PwC after your Challengership
  • Free training with valuable certificates to boost your IT career
  • Competitive salary throughout the Challengership, including during your training!
  • Start of your network in IT and a great employer on your resume.

Sounds interesting, right? But how do you know if you qualify for a Challengership?

You’re a Challenger if…

You’ve recently graduated from a study in a field related to economics or science and are at the beginning of your career. You already have some basic knowledge in and experience with software development through your study or hobby. This has made you super excited about a career in IT!

You like to be challenged. Want to learn new things. Really contribute. Sounds like you? Then our Challengership is for you. We make sure you are well trained and guided so you can start strong in tech at PwC.

Our PwC Challengers:

  • Recently obtained (at least) a bachelor’s degree at a university of applied sciences or university;
  • Have some basic knowledge and experience with Python, Javascript or React; 
  • Are at the beginning of their career;
  • Are available full time;
  • May work in the Netherlands for at least three years;
  • Can speak, read and write English at a B2 level;
  • Are super excited to start a career at PwC!

Sound like you?

Then a Challengership might be the next best step for you! Sign up for the PwC Challengership.

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