Level up the new economy

In a world where change is the only constant, we have established a Theory of Change that gives us direction for a sustainable future. We are committed to creating a positive impact on three key Sustainable Development Goals: quality education, decent work and economic growth, and reducing inequality.

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Theory of Change Young_Coders

Our theory of change for a sustainable future

We work toward structurally training 120 candidates annually. We do this by looking only at potential. We make this measurable in the ambition that 25% of these candidates do not possess a matching college or university degree. This emphasizes our commitment to developing talent and discovering potential, regardless of academic background. This is how we reduce the gap in inequality and increase diversity in IT.

In addition to our own target group of young professionals, we believe it is important that young people also discover exactly what the IT profession is all about. Therefore, we want to teach elementary school children from grades 7 and 8 about technology and programming twice a year. IT has a stuffy image, which we can change by getting children and young people excited about programming. We believe that basic IT skills help children develop their creativity, increase their problem-solving skills and give them a better idea about IT as a challenging field of work.

Finally, we aim to increase our impact on the SDGs by providing free IT training to a statusholder for every Challenger we hire. In this way, the successful placement of our Challengers equals greater impact on quality education, decent work and economic growth and reducing inequality.

With this Theory of Change, we strive to improve the world as an integral part of our business. Step by step, initiative after initiative. If you work for, with or through Young_Coders, you are contributing to the future.

Transparency and reporting

We report our progress annually in an impact annual report.

This is nice for our customers, among others, who are increasingly facing measures regarding the assessment of their suppliers.

They have in Young_Coders a transparent partner that reports annually on its own impact on the world.

Our impact annual report is published on this page.