Young_Coders Upskill is the IT training partner for upskilling and retraining your workforce.

We train your employees to the next skills level. With our core capabilities assessments, customized training and our personalized e-learning platform, we ensure that every employee brings out the best in themselves.

IT talent

Choose a combination that works for your organization

Python developer


Discovering IT talent within your organization

✅ Cognitive match check

✅ Measure current level of knowledge

Python developer


✅ In your tech stack

On premise or at our training center

Flexible size and lead time

Dutch or English

Very hands-on

Python developer


✅ Your own e-learning environment in your corporate style

✅ Reference work and depth for the entire organization

✅ Access to standard training courses.

✅ To be supplemented by in-house training.

We have already developed customized training programs for:

Training is customized

We like to get to know your organizational needs and think with you about the training needs within your organization.

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Who is Upskill for?

Upskill is suitable for organizations looking to upskill or retrain their staff in IT. For example:

  • An administrative assistant looking to retrain in IT
  • An IT support employee who wants to develop into a software developer
  • Young_Coders Challengers who can specialize even further
  • Finance employees in need of more IT knowledge.

Upskill in 5 steps

1 Inventory

  • The number of employees we may train
  • The current estimated knowledge level of the employees to be trained
  • Technology stack of the organization
  • Assessments and e-learning

And get no-obligation advice!

2 Lesson plan

  • Teacher pairing
  • Curriculum development
  • Timeline and lesson planning

3 Onboarding employees

  • Selected employees will be invited to take a series of tests to get a good idea of core competencies and knowledge level. Employees receive a comprehensive brain skills report.

4 Delivery of employee plan

  • Based on the results of the tests, we prepare an employee plan. In this, we determine what each employee needs within the training.

5 Start Upskill trajectory

  • During the training, we maintain periodic contact about the progress for each employee.

Tech bootcamp through the eyes of a coach

Meet Frenk, our most experienced coach, teacher and inspiration.
He shares his views on tech education in a delightful longread.

“My approach is multifaceted and flexible to meet diverse needs and skill levels.”