How we work

We match young professionals who are a perfect fit for your organization and train them in a two-year customized training program that we design together. To do this in the best possible way, we go through a number of steps toward cooperation. In these steps we explore what your organization needs, what hard and soft skills are important and what the details of the collaboration process will be.

Young_Coders Challengers

Preparation phase

In the preparation phase, we go through a number of steps to arrive at a selection of suitable candidates.

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01. Agreement

We reach agreement on the number of young professionals.

02. Profiles

We create an organizational profile based on input from your organization, which gives us a good idea of the organizational culture and values. In addition, we discuss which profiles and team roles your organization needs. Based on this information, we can recruit suitable candidates that fit your organization.

03. Compose training

Together we determine the curriculum for the candidates’ training. In this way, we ensure that the training is optimally aligned with the organization’s technology stack.

Our training always consists of three components.

01. Technical training:

  • Programming languages, tools, frameworks, etc.
  • Depending on the role and technology stack.
  • Examples of technical courses: front-end, full-stack or back-end development, low coding, software testing or data science.

02. Methodologies:

  • Methodologies that we love to teach our young professionals and that are widely used in IT:
    • Design Thinking;
    • Scrum;
    • Agile working.

03. Soft skills training:

  • Components of our soft skills training:
    • Mindset and Growth Ambition;
    • Giving and receiving feedback;
    • Time management;
    • Communicating.
04. Recruitment and selection of candidates.

Our creative team gets to work on a recruitment campaign to recruit candidates. Candidates go through an extensive selection process after which we introduce the best fitting candidates to you.

05. Introduction and selection.

After there is a match on paper, an introductory meeting with the candidates takes place. After the introduction, your organization will choose which spoken candidates will be hired.

06. Start

We will draw up the contracts, the necessary signatures will be made and the candidates can start!

Training and Commitment

The moment our candidates start at your organization, our training begins as well. During these first months, the candidates follow the customized training at the Young_Coders training center in Amersfoort. At the same time, they are being inducted into your organization and are already gaining some real-world experience.

After the training, candidates are full-fledged junior tech professionals and will start working full-time at your organization. Meanwhile, they receive a comprehensive soft skills course in which they develop as professionals over a 5-month period.

Each month, a Young_Coders success coach visits to monitor progress the young professionals. We offer tools for further development where necessary and report progress to the client.

At the end of the first year, we discuss the goals for the second year and what further training is desired. In the second year, young professionals specialize in specific team roles and follow an individual learning path.

After two years, your young professionals have grown into medior tech specialists who feel completely at home with your organization. They make your organization more diverse, younger and innovative. Are you interested in extending the Challengership after two years? We can definetely discuss that option.

Does this way of working fit with your organization? If so, contact us and together we’ll explore how we can help your organization get tech talent with a future too.

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