Level Up with young coders

Young_Coders is the IT training partner for organizations that want to be at the forefront of IT. Our services include recruiting, training and mentoring new IT professionals, or upskilling existing staff.

We do this in every technology stack and for virtually every IT function.

See below which situation best suits your organization.

IT talent

IT trainees

Python developer

“I want to expand my IT team with young professionals.”

With the Young_Coders Challengership, we help organizations find, train and mentor IT talent to become valuable IT professionals.

Bachelor+ level, with relevant prior knowledge

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Further training and retraining

Python developer

“I want to retrain or upskill existing employees in IT.”

Young_Coders Upskill is our training program where we unburden organizations in the entire retraining process.

Includes custom e-learning platform

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