Level Up your IT team

Young_Coders helps organizations find, train and mentor IT talent to become valuable tech professionals who boost the organization.

What we train for:

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Software developers
  • Front-end specialists
  • Full-stack specialists
  • Back-end specialists

Trained in your organization’s technology stack.

AI and data specialists
  • Data engineers
  • Data scientists
  • Machine learning developers
IT consultants
  • ERP consultants in SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and Workday, among others
  • Low-code consultants in OutSystems, USoft and Power BI, among others
IT talent


Young_Coders provides:

Recruitment & selection of young professionals that fit your organization

✅ Custom tech training according to technology stack of your organization

✅ Comprehensive soft skills training

✅ Guidance from our success coaches


We find talents outside of traditional IT education. These high potentials come from every field of study imaginable. What binds them is their passion for technology and the ambition to start a great IT career.

Selected on cognition, programming knowledge and character, matched with a client that really suits them.

Our young professionals:

    • Have a scientifically tested HBO+ level of thinking;
    • Have been selected for character and work ethic;
    • Already have relevant basic programming knowledge and experience;
    • Can learn well and quickly and are highly motivated;
    • Bring valuable knowledge from a variety of fields of study.


Our high potentials deserve top notch education. We stimulate their enthusiasm and the eagerness to learn something new every day with different forms of training.


    • Customized tech training according to client’s technology stack.
    • Optional tech training on our e-learning platform.
    • Lifelong learning with individual learning paths.


Top talents should be cherished. In addition to tech-skills, invest in the human side of work. All of our young professionals go through a comprehensive soft skills program and receive guidance from our success coaches.

    • Soft skills two-day event
    • Individual follow-up course soft skills
    • Monthly visit from a success coach
    • Accurate monitoring of progress
    • Guidance towards permanent employment with the client

How we work

Curious about how we work with our clients? Review the steps to a successful partnership.

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