Back-end Developer Challengership

Are you interested in developing systems that can literally save lives? Where every microsecond counts? Do you want to turn your passion for math and complex puzzles into a professional career as a back-end software developer? Keep on reading!

Very soon we will be launching an incredibly cool Challengership. A Challengership where you can really shine with your ambitions to grow into a full-fledged C++ developer. You do not need to be familiar with C++ yet but we do require basic knowledge of at least one programming language. More on that below!

In short:
Who: eager to learn candidates who enjoy being challenged.
What: C++ developer at a very cool organization.
To kickstart your IT career.

back-end developer

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When every second counts, you are the developer who looks critically at your own code and that of your colleagues. How can it be done faster? How can it be more reliable? How do I ensure that I can interpret a huge set of data as quickly and as accurately as possible so that action can be taken quickly? Do these questions appeal to you? Check out the application criteria.

But who are we and what do we offer? We are Young_Coders. Partner with medium to large organizations to recruit, train and mentor tech talent. We train software developers, data scientists and tech consultants, among others.

We are your point of entry to these clients. Through Young_Coders you can start a work-learning program without having to be able to do everything already. After all, you’re going to learn a lot! Our clients work with us under the motto “Hire attitude, teach skills.”

Here’s what you can expect

✅ A unique chance at an incredibly innovative client
✅ 12-24 months working and learning on your developer career
✅ Great opportunity for a permanent job
✅ Matching salary and great working conditions
✅ Comprehensive soft skills training
✅ Starting within a nice scrum team with your own buddy

Working for this client is challenging, motivating and most importantly, very educational. You will be working on systems that can literally save lives and where you will be given a lot of responsibility. But of course you don’t have to be able to do everything right away. You’ll learn the ropes from experienced developers and team members who will have you in tow.

What will you learn?

  • Software development based on C++
  • Working with large amounts of data
  • Various tooling and testing systems
  • Working Agile

And you’ll learn all this while putting your knowledge into practice right away! In addition, Young_Coders will provide you with comprehensive soft skills training, including:

  • Soft skills two-day program with overnight stay;
  • Individual progress and goals meetings;
  • Soft skills exercises and training for 5 months with one class each month.

Application criteria

Sounds good doesn’t it? But when do you qualify for this Challengership? Given the sensitivity of the data and technology you will be working with, there are additional requirements you must meet.


  • Have a Bachelors or Academic work and thinking level, where a completed degree is a plus, but not required;
  • Have basic knowledge of programming. For example, experience with Python, Java, C#, C++ or JavaScript;
  • Have an interest in and affinity for back-end development;
  • Are eager to learn and enjoy being challenged;
  • Speak and write good Dutch and English;
  • Given the nature of the work, you are a Dutch resident (At least you have a Dutch passport). Note that in some cases dual citizenship may be a problem.
  • You are available full time;
  • You can get a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG), we will help you with the application.
  • You are willing to undergo an extensive screening by the MIVD and/or AIVD (Dutch Secret Service)

That’s heavy, huh? We think so too. This has to do with the crucial and confidential projects you will be working on. If you have any questions about this we would be happy to answer them!


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