Do you want to be part of perhaps the best known Java developer specialist in the Netherlands? Are you someone who likes to take on the challenge as a back-end developer in numerous cool, and often high-profile projects? Or are you a true front-end enthusiast and would you like to use your acquired knowledge of React and other front-end techniques and learn a lot more about them? Then keep reading!

You will be trained as a Java back-end or front-end developer in this Challengership. You will apply your acquired knowledge in a fun and innovative work environment and contribute in prestigious projects at Trifork’s various great clients with a team of fellow Triforkers!

In short:

Who: Young professionals who like to be challenged.
What: Work-study program to become a Java front- or back-end developer at Trifork.
Why: To kickstart your IT career.

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Are you a real puzzler? Do you enjoy diving into complex challenges? Then the role of back-end developer is a good fit for you. You will work in the development teams of Trifork on cool applications where complexity is an important element. Think about working on applications that need to schedule driving tests on a national level, processing super-fast transactions with crypto or collaborating on financial systems of large financial institutions.

Are you that front-end enthusiast? Then you will learn how to translate all the data and complexity from the back-end into something the user can use. You will ensure the proper presentation of data and ensure that the user can go through the proper workflows in a logical manner. This doesn’t mean you’re a web designer, but you’ll deal with the functionality and presentation on the front end.

But who are we and what exactly do we offer? We are Young_Coders. Partner with Trifork to recruit, train and mentor tech talent. Through Young_Coders you can work at Trifork without having to know everything beforehand. After all, you’re going to learn a lot!

Here’s what you can expect

✅ A training program paid for you;
✅ Comprehensive soft skills training;
✅ Personal guidance;
✅ 1-2 years of work experience at Trifork;
✅ Great opportunity for a permanent position with Trifork;
✅ Immediately a permanent contract and nice salary.

A Challengership at Trifork is challenging, motivating and most importantly, very educational. You will be working on large projects in which you will learn a lot. Of course, you don’t have to do that alone. Experienced developers will take you in tow and you’ll get plenty of support from Young_Coders and your coach. You will go through a path from junior developer to independent developer who enjoys working in your team.

What will you learn?

    • Enterprise Java as the main programming language;
    • Various standard libraries like collection framework, streams API etc;
    • Spring ecosystem;
    • Testing (Unit testing with, for example, JUnit or Mockito).

    Are you going for the front-end direction? If so, in addition to your basic Java education, we’ll look particularly at:

    • Angular;
    • React.

    In addition, you will receive a comprehensive soft skills training, including:

    • Soft skills 2-day with overnight stay;
    • Individual progress and goals meetings;
    • Soft skills exercises and training over 5 months with a classroom session each month.

    Application criteria

    Sounds good right? But when will you be eligible for this Challengership at Trifork?

    • You have bachelor/ academic work and thinking level. A bachelor or masters degree certainly helps, but is not required;
    • You already have some basic knowledge of programming in Java, C#, JavaScript, Python or php;
    • Want to be considered for the front-end Challengership? Then we also ask for demonstrable experience with various front-end techniques and frameworks;
    • You are at the beginning of your working career (graduated max 3 years ago);
    • You speak and write Dutch or English at a professional level;
    • You live in the Netherlands and may work here for at least 3 years;
    • You are eager to learn and want to kickstart your career at Trifork!



    De selectiegesprekken voor dit Challengership zijn inmiddels gestart. Het is helaas niet meer mogelijk om je voor dit Challengership in te schrijven.

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